Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday. As a blogger, I understand that I’m supposed to talk about all the amazing things I’ve learned in my last 35 years or share my list of goals to accomplish in my 35th year. But the truth is, I don’t want to. Life lessons are talked about all the time! You … More Birthday Thoughts

Sound vs. Noise

Teaching English as a second language isn’t always the easiest task in the world. I don’t often think about the differences between the words “will” and “going to.” For example, in the sentence — I _____________ be 35 in February. Do you make that “I will be 25 in February” or “I am going to … More Sound vs. Noise

Blogging in 2019

You know the people or maybe you’re one of those people. You know the ones — the people who seem to adore the holiday season. The decorating, the parties, the hustle and the bustle — it all seems to make them more alive. My pastor’s wife is like that. She loves the holiday season and … More Blogging in 2019