Inspiration. Where does it come from? Is something still inspired if we’re simply replicating what someone else has already done? In 2012, I was working in retail and dreading another holiday season. After a lot of deliberation, I quit my job.  No real direction was charted. There was only time and it was going to be use it … More Inspired

Paper Picture Art

If you were to meet me, you would probably think that I’m a pretty organized person. I know this because more than one person has communicated to me this perception. Laughter always ensures because the truth is — I’m really good at hiding the fact that I’m pretty disorganized. There are lists everywhere that I … More Paper Picture Art

Mission: Curacao

As previously posted, I’ve launched an Etsy shop to help raise funds for a variety of causes. Of course, things are slow moving at the beginning but every little bit counts! And that first little bit that I raised went to Curacao. I already told you this here but I’m sure you’re not keeping detailed … More Mission: Curacao